The Downside of “Doing it Your Self”

In the Internet Age, information is more readily available than at any other time in history. You need to do your income tax return and don’t have a CPA? Buy a CD, slap it into your PC and follow the directions. Do you want to schedule a trip to Florida and take in a few Spring Training games of your favorite MLB team? We have an app for that!

But what if you have a need, but lack the expertise that is necessary to select the best “Do it Yourself” software tool? What if the complexity of your need is beyond the capability of an online tool or the latest DYI gimmick? What if you do not have the time, the expertise, or staff to perform the Do it Yourself process and deliver the solution within the required deadline? What if the expense of doing the process incorrectly vastly outweighs the cost of the Do it Yourself solution? It is at this time in the resource evaluation process that you need to seriously consider selecting an outsourced solution and let an expert do the job.

Outsourcing of processes is a common solution in our society. Does your house need a new roof?  Have it done by an accredited roofer. Does your car require a new heater coil? Have it done by a knowledgeable auto mechanic. Do you require a medical procedure that is beyond the capabilities of your family practitioner? Get the referral to a proficient specialist.  Do you need to higher key member of your leadership team? Utilize the services of a knowledgeable executive search and staffing firm.

Utilizing an outsourced service provider does involve an expense. However, what is the cost of not having the required task performed correctly? What is the cost of having the required task completed after the specified deadline? What other tasks could your staff be completing to generate profit, instead of having their resources spent to complete the required task? If your current task does not have the expertise or availability to perform the required tasks, what is the cost of hiring the additional and knowledgeable staff who will complete the required tasks? Finally, after you allocate and train or hire resources to perform the required task, what assurance do you have that the task will be done correctly?

This is where you need to identify and contract a reliable outsourced service provider. This task will be discussed in our next article.

Ernie Russom is the Executive Director of the Executive Search and Staffing Firm The Westview Associates. The Westview Associates fulfills Accounting, Finance and Administrative Support staffing needs within the Greater Philadelphia Area. Ernie can be contacted at

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