What makes an Ideal Outsourced Service Provider?

Frequently, I am asked “What are the attributes that define the ideal Outsourced Service Provider?” Is it the price of their service? Is it the speed by which they provide the required service? Is it their ability to produce proven and satisfactory references? Is it how successful they are at delivering upon a need that is nearly identical to yours? Is it their reputation in the market? Is it the size of their organization? Is it the length of time that they have been in business? Is it the size of their marketing budget? Is it the service provider’s proximity to you and your market?

My answer is “Yes”; and “No”.

For me, as a professional who relied upon Outsourced Service Providers for the first thirteen years of my professional career and as a professional who has been providing B-to-B services for the last 20 years, the ideal Outsourced Service Provider is a Business Partner. The Ideal Outsourced Service Provider becomes a trusted empathetic member of your operations team. They are someone who you welcome into your business as you would a partner within your business operation. They have earned the trust that allows the access to fully analyze and understand the current state of your operation; warts and all! They display the patience to listen, understand and then verify their understanding of your current state, where you want to be after the desired service has been delivered and the constraints, i.e. budget, timing, physical constraints, etc.,  that must be adhered to while the desired outcome is being realized through the provided service. They also understand the processes and milestones that must be reached, in order for the goal to be realized.

The ideal Outsourced Service Provider understands your current operational status and vision of where you want to be. They understand because they are experienced travelers upon the same road of change that you will need to travel. They understand your vision of the desired destination because they have provided that destination before. They also understand the bumps and pot-holes that are expected to be experienced along that road. And, most importantly, they consider it their responsibility, as a trusted team member, to make you aware of these obstacles and guide the process around them.

The Ideal Outsourced Service Provider understands the importance and acts upon their dedication toward your operation, your desired outcome and adherence to the constraints that are bordering the process that will deliver the decided outcome. They also practice full disclosure of the timing for expected project milestones, as well as unforeseen derogatory events, as they occur.

The Ideal Outsourced Service Provider is a trusted Subject Matter Expert who possesses the passion and empathy that is required to assimilate into your operation, deliver the desired service within your constraints and to a performance level that exceeds your expectations. The Ideal Outsourced Service Provider is not solely focused on cutting corners in order to maximize their profit from your project. They are focused upon the satisfaction that you realize from their service. For the Ideal Outsourced Service Provider is focused upon obtaining your services in the future and the referrals that you can deliver to professional colleagues who may realize their operational destination, through the services of this Ideal Outsourced Service Provider.

Ernie Russom is the Executive Director of the Executive Search and Staffing Firm The Westview Associates. The Westview Associates fulfills Accounting, Finance and Administrative Support staffing needs within the Greater Philadelphia Area. Ernie can be contacted at erussom@thewestviewassociates.com

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