It all begins with a Thorough Analysis

Skilled Providers of Outsourced Services, such as Providers of Outsourced Staffing Solutions, would never consider providing any service until they have thoroughly analyzed their client’s needs. The accurate understanding of what the customer NEEDS or MUST HAVE goes far beyond knowing what the customer tells you that they WANT. It takes an accomplished Subject Matter Expert to perform a thorough and accurate analysis, in order for the customer’s desired needs to be understood and thus
be able to be fulfilled.

Here is an example of what I mean. At five o’clock, closing time, the doctor’s office receives a phone call. The call is from a patient who is complaining of a throbbing headache. Not wanting to disturb the doctor, who by now is halfway to their car, the administrative assistant who answered the phone suggests that the patient “Takes two aspirins and calls the doctor in the morning.” Adhering to the advice from the medical office, the patient hangs up the phone and takes the two aspirin.

The patient never called the doctor the next day. The patient died during the night.

By prescribing a solution to the patient’s needs, before the thorough analysis was performed, it was never discovered that the patient’s headache was the result of a sub-cranial edema. By taking two aspirins, a blood thinner, the edemas hemorrhaged and the patient died with a massive stroke.

The Outsourced Service Provider, the medical office, had not performed a thorough and accurate analysis, in order for the customer’s desired needs to be completely understood and thus, be able to be fulfilled.

The same can be said for the hiring client who tells the Outsourced Service Providing Staffing Firm that they “need a Controller who is a CPA, knows the accounting software QuickBooks and can manage a small support staff.” By not visiting the client’s offices, understanding the office and hiring organization’s culture, let alone discovering why a higher salaried accredited accounting professional is needed for the job, the wrong employee will most likely be hired. Although not as fatal of an error as the one that was described earlier by the medical office, making a rash and not thoroughly evaluated hiring decisions frequently produce undesirable outcomes. The hired individual experiences frustration with their new employer and an unwanted job transition when they are eventually separated from the company that recently hired them. The hiring company’s expenses from the poor hiring decision comes from reduced employee productivity, severance costs from separating the employee and renewed expenses from the ensuing search to locate a replacement employee.

Experienced Outsourced Service Providers will pragmatically lead their clients through Analysis Process in order to assure that their services can be provided in the most cost effective and efficient manner, while providing the most desirable outcome for the customer.

Is there an expense associated with engaging an experienced Outsource Service Provider? – Yes. But the decision not to engage an expert can be fatal.

Ernie Russom is the Executive Director of the Executive Search and Staffing Firm The Westview Associates. The Westview Associates fulfills Accounting, Finance and Administrative Support staffing needs within the Greater Philadelphia Area. Ernie can be contacted at

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